My name is Lisa and I am from Germany, my passion for dogs began in my early days, but I was never able to have one of my own until I brought my own home. Everything started with my Mini Aussie “Skyla”, I preferred them over the standard ones, because they looked so much more natural and sporty. “Baylie” joined us two years later and then three years on, my first wolfdog “Nando”. He started my passion for wolfdogs. It was through him I joined the World of Lupines Foundation (W.O.L.F.) in its very, very early days.
I loved and still love, what W.O.L.F. stands for and I look forward to a very bright future with health and temperament testing of breeding dogs and canine education for all of our members. My role on the International Board of Directors is as the European Coordinator, so I hope I can be there for you.

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