Thank you for your interest in registering your natural type dog in the Lupine Dog breed development for the World of Lupines Foundation (W.O.L.F.).

This page will aim to guide you through the application process and highlight some of the benefits of being a W.O.L.F. owner/breeder. Animals who pass the Foundation Dog application process will be eligible to use the breed name ‘Lupine Dog’ as long as they remain on our database.


  • If your dog passes assessment, it will be granted a W.O.L.F. pedigree certificate and unique registration number, You will also receive a Breeder ‘Welcome Pack’ which guides you through our services & explains how to register your puppies with us/advertise your stud with us.
  • You may use the breed name ‘Lupine Dog’ for dogs who carry a W.O.L.F. pedigree certificate/registration number. Note: This name remains our property and we reserve the right to remove permission for use if our Code of Ethics are being breached.
  • To register a dog you must also be a member of W.O.L.F. and have received your Breeder Membership number with Affix. You will be able to advertise your litters on our website and social media resources.
  • You will be able to use our W.O.L.F. logo in your advertising.
  • As soon as you know you would like to breed, you can (if you wish) contact our experts for advice regarding breeding such as stud selection, COI, whelping, critical socialisation or any advice regarding the breeding of Lupine Dogs.
  • You will be able to register Foundation Dog offspring as Lupine Dogs with W.O.L.F. provided at least the dam has full Lupine Dog or Foundation Dog registration and the sire has passed all the required health and DNA testing.
  • Puppy owners will receive a puppy pedigree certificate with registration number, puppy welcome pack and access to our advice services & online community.
  • Your dog will be eligible to enter the breed specific Lupine Dog classes at our conformation shows.
  • Your dog’s basic info can be shown on our online database as proof of their quality.

 Is my dog eligible?

The benefits of registration are open to natural type with a minimum of 3 generation pedigree/lineage.

  • Any natural dog breed/type may be eligible if they achieve 70% or more of our Lupine Dog developing breed standard.
  • A maximum hip score of B/B European FCI (OFA, BVA Equivalent) or PennHIP below 0.3
  • A clear elbow score of 0/0
  • Degenerative Myelopathy genetic result Clear or Carrier
    (NOTE: CARRIER will only be eligible for puppy registration if bred with a CLEAR mate.
  • Pituitary Dwarfism (LHX3) genetic result of Clear or Carrier
    (NOTE: CARRIER will only be eligible for puppy registration if bred with a CLEAR mate.
  • Eye examination by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist or DNA result where appropriate.
  • An Embarkvet Genetic Test to include breed identification.
  • The Breeder must abide by our Code of Ethics
  • A pass result of the Lupine Dog Temperament and Behaviour Evaluation. 
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