The World of Lupines Foundation’s Canine Companion Curriculum is designed to enhance the lives of owners and their dogs by promoting training and stability through a positive and mutual working relationship. The ideal dog has a responsible owner who takes pride in their dog’s health, wellbeing, social manners, and sound disposition. Together, dogs and their owners will serve as model citizens for responsible canine ownership.

Before taking the CC test, owners must be a member of W.O.L.F. and by doing so have agreed to abide by W.O.L.F.’s Code of Ethics for responsible canine ownership and husbandry. We believe responsibility and taking an active role in shaping the development of a dog’s adaptability to the modern environment is the landmark of successful canine ownership.

The W.O.L.F. CC test can be undertaken at various W.O.L.F. events throughout their annual schedule. A W.O.L.F. approved and appointed trainer will evaluate the test.

Owners and their dogs are awarded the age appropriate W.O.L.F. CC certificate and title upon successful completion.

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