I have always had dogs in my life and growing up we owned rescue dogs of various mixes. My first and second dogs of my own were a pair of sister Border Collies whom I adopted as 4 year olds when I was just 19. I’ve never been without a dog since.  9 years ago, I brought my first wolflike dog “Toki” a Northern Inuit x Utonagan after looking for a more naturally conformed dog that would live happily with my cats and would not have the higher drive I was used to with the Collies. I never looked back. Now own Toki and her son Zeus. I have also added Bella and Milly to our home from other breeders. 

I joined W.O.L.F. in its infancy. Initially as a breeder then on the UK committee as the treasurer.  I love doing outreach and educational work for W.O.L.F. with my dogs. I want to help raise public awareness about wolfdogs and the Lupine Dog.  I work as a dog trainer as well, running classes, doing 1 to 1’s and also training assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

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